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I, the purchaser named above, claim the right to make a purchase for resale of the items invoiced from:
The taxable items described on the Rug Chic invoice will be resold, rented or leased by me within the geographical limits of the United States of America, its territories and possessions, in its present form of attached to other personal property to be sold. I understand that if I make any use of the item other than retention, demonstration or display while holding it for sale, lease or rental, I must pay sales tax on the item at the time of use based upon either the purchase price or on the fair market rental value for the period of time used.
I understand that it is a criminal offense to give to the seller a resale certificate for taxable items which I know, at the time of purchase, are purchased for use rather than purpose of resale, lease or rental. **NOTE: All accounts shall be paid by company check or receive designer discount.
By submitting this application you agree to these terms should you be accepted as a Rug Chic Designer.